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Gordon Beningfield paintings for sale

 Gordon Beningfield, (1936-1998) 

Beningfield was a wildlife artist, who specialised in butterflies. He was also a glass engraver and made eight memorial windows for the Guards Chapel.


Gordon was one of the best known and well-loved artists of the South West Hertfordshire area . Gordon left school at 15 and became apprenticed to an ecclesiastical artist in St Albans. He had a fine artistic sense which was encouraged at school and expanded during his years at Faithcraft. He attended part-time classes at St Albans College of Art and soon began to express himself in a wide variety of mediums.


Painting with water colour and oils, engraving, sculpting, laying gold leaf, decorating stained glass, carving wood and other crafts necessary for church restoration work, were all part of his daily life.

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