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 Alexander Creswell (b.1957) 

Alexander Creswell is an internationally acclaimed British artist born in 1957, best known for the watercolours he painted for the Royal Collection depicting the fire and restoration of Windsor Castle.


His distinctive style in watercolour combines subtle colouring and skillful draughtsmanship alongside a deep reverence for natural light. Creswell has established himself as foremost in architectural painting and is known internationally for his exceptional ability to capture ‘the spirit of place’.

His distinctive style in watercolour, completely self taught, combines subtle colouring and skilful draughtsmanship with a strong reverence for natural light. Creswell has painted a series of spectacularly big watercolours, which at three metres in length, are possibly the largest ever painted. 


Travel is an essential component of Creswell’s work, he sketches constantly on his many trips bringing material back to his studio in the UK. He has painted extensively throughout Europe, the USA, Russia, Egypt, the Far East and the Middle East. He recently created a collection of paintings from the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, and he is currently working on a series from Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Creswell has a natural fluency with his medium which coupled with his extraordinary knowledge of architecture and history makes his paintings timeless and captivating. 

Alexander Cresswell

Alexander Cresswell

Lebanon Temple of Venus 2003 Watercolour 8 x 10 inches signed £950

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