Taxidermy Mounted Stags Head
With 12 points, mounted on shield
Eight Penwork Snuff Boxes
Comprising six penwork examples, two with sporting scenes, another depicting an Arabian charger, the sides and base with floral and foliate decoration, one showing a dancing couple, a comical example and another with abstract all-over decoration, a 19th century French papier mache example commemorating the July Revolution - depicting a French soldier with symbolic devices, together with a snuff spoon.
£100-150 Each
Three Ram's Horn Snuff Mulls
The first with thistle hinge, the second with pull-off lid attached by chain, the collar engraved George Speed, the third of blonder horn, plain with pull-off lid.
Large £650
Medium - Small £300 - 500
Two Ram's Horn Snuff Mulls
One with simple hinge and reeded collar, the other with similar hinge, plain collar and applied shield, 9.5cm and 9cm respectively.
Large £650
Medium - Small £300 - 500
A collection of Scottish Pottery carpet
19th Century
Most are typically decorated with sponged and concentric line decoration in a variety of colours including blue, green, yellow, brown and red, including two yellow jacks and three white jacks, various sizes, the largest approximately 10cm diameter (29)
£65-85 Each
A collection of twenty-two Staffordshire
19th Century and later
With painted and encrusted floral decoration, three with detachable roof sections
£180 each
Regency Candlesticks
A Pair of Regency Bronze Candlesticks - £1,250
Carved Wooden Salmon
"31lbs, killed by Geo Henderson at Lennel, River Tweed, Nov 21st. 1908"

128cm x 45cm

Sgian Dubh
7.5" x 1"

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