Richard Simkin, (fl.1860-1920) 

Born in Herne Bay, Kent, on November 5, 1850, the son of a commercial traveller. He spent much of his time at Aldershot, Hampshire, after marrying his wife, Harriet, in 1880, and may also have been a volunteer in the Artists Rifles.


He was employed by the War Office to design recruiting posters, and to illustrate the Army and Navy Gazette. In 1901 he created a series of 'Types of the Indian Army' for the Gazette; for which he obtained much of the information from the Colonial and India Exhibition of 1886. During his lifetime, he, along with Orlando Norie produced thousands of watercolours depicting the uniforms and campaigns of the British Army. Simkin also contributed illustrations to numerous publications including the Boy's Own Magazine, The Graphic and others; many were published by Raphael Tuck and sons.


Today, his pictures can be seen in numerous regimental museums and his illustrations appear in regimental histories, while watercolours frequently come up for auction.

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