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With over 40 years of experience, Anthony Woodd has been running an art gallery in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. Formerly Director of the Malcolm Innes Gallery, in 2000 he launched his own gallery in Dundas Street, the centre of Edinburgh’s commercial art world.


The Anthony Woodd Gallery sells traditional art – mainly nineteenth-century oils, watercolours and prints covering a wealth of subjects from Scottish landscape, sporting and military scenes to portraiture, caricatures and maps. The gallery has a wide variety of Scottish art for sale


Moreover, the gallery shows the work of some of the hugely talented traditional contemporary artists working today in Scotland and maintains a selection of affordable pictures alongside sculptures in bronze, ceramic and wood. The gallery also offers other services including Restorations and Valuations and is always interested in buying new works of art.

Since February 2022, 4 Dundas Street has become Harvey & Woodd. The Gallery will be refurbished and we are thrilled to welcome James and Flora Harvey to Edinburgh. Anthony will remain onboard as a consultant, whilst James and Flora will run the day-to-day operations.

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