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Winifred Austen paintings for sale

Winifred Austen, RI, RE (1876-1964)

Swans in Flight

Swans in Flight Etching Pencil Signed 12" x 16" £420

Goosander with Young

Goosander with Young Etching Pencil Signed 12" x 16" £420

Mallard with Young

Mallard with Young Etching Pencil Signed 12" x 16" £450


Heron Winifred Austen Signed £380

Winifred Austen

Mallard Rising Etching 11"x 9" £400 Signed

Winifred Austen

Shelduck Etching 17"x16" £420 signed

Winifred Austen

Partridge Rising Etching 8"x10" £340 signed

Winifred Maria Louise Austen (1876 -1964) was an illustrator, painter, etcher and aquatint engraver. Born in Ramsgate, Kent, in 1876. She was a student of Mrs. Jopling-Rowe and Mr. C. E. Swan. Austen was a member of the Society of Women Artists, London.


Her favourite subjects were wild animals, and she was successful in the illustration of books. At the Royal Academy in 1903, she exhibited "The Day of Reckoning.. Austen was described as having great talent with the rare gift of sympathy for the animal world.



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