Sir David Young Cameron, RA RSA RWS (1865-1945) 

Prominent Scottish painter, etcher and dry pointer of landscapes and architectural views. Born Glasgow, died Perth. He studied part time at Glasgow School of Art in the evenings and then progressed to the Life School of the RSA in Edinburgh as a full time student in 1885 where he lived until 1898 when he moved to Kippen.


He completed most of his 500 plates in Scotland although the period 1892-1909 also saw views of London, the Continent and Egypt. Diverse influences such as Velasquez, the Barbizon School, Whistler and Dutch artists of the 19th century Revival helped him become one of the best known etchers of his time despite not developing his own very personal style until 1893 when he began to emphasise the grandeur of landscape and develop a sombre mood imbued with mysticism.


His early etchings are just pure etchings and later ones have dry point additions; his last plates are mostly pure dry point. Some books list him as one of the Glasgow Boys but the intense contrasts in his landscapes make him atypical of this label. Exhibited RA, RSA, GI, RSW, ARSA.

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