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 Tom Carr (1912-1977) 

Painter of hunting and racing scenes.Born in Durham, where in early life he worked as a blacksmith at Preistman Collieries. His claims for inclusion here is that his best work was done in the Scottish borders where he lived for a number of years. Due to an injury sustained by an underground fall he was hospitalised and there became aware he could draw and paint. He abandoned colliery work and with the aid of compensation money studied art at King's College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 


Specialiseing in all kind of hunting scenes, he was patronised by the Dukes of Beaufort and Northumberland. Said to have been a most charming man, full of warmth, humour and common sense, ' a real countryman'. One of his paintins hangs in Durham Cathedral. 



by Tom Carr Pencil Drawing 8"x15" £320 signed

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