Colin Hunter ARA RSW (1841 - 1904) 

Hunter began painting seascapes in 1868. By 1872 he moved to London and became one of the leading maritime painters of his day. Although based in London, he returned to Scotland every summer to paint. In the late 1860s he worked alongside McTaggart on Loch Tarbet and it's possible they worked together in 1870s. In 1882 he chartered a small steamer for two months in order to paint at sea and be in direct contact with nature. His seascapes possess a brooding, melancholic quality of romantic nostalgia. Rather than sparkling sunlight, he preferred to paint sunsets, evenings or approaching storms. He painted mostly on the west coast of Scotland and in the Hebrides and depicted fishermen hard at work of their families, unloading the catch or gathering seaweed.

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