George Whitton Johnstone, RSA (1849-1901) 

He was a full member of the Royal Scottish Academy and 

Royal Society of Watercolourists and demonstrated particular skill with landscapes and portraits. His first exhibition at the RSA was in 1872 and he continued to exhibit regularly. He became an Associate of the RSA in 1883, and a full member in 1895. He also exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1885 - 1892. He painted mainly in Eskdale and Annandale, though he also painted in France's Fontainebleu forest. He was apparently influenced by the famous artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.

He lived at 4 Napier Road in the Merchiston area of Edinburgh. His daughter Dorothy Johnstone was a well-known artist who married David Macbeth Sutherland in 1924.

He died in Edinburgh and was buried in Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh with his wife Jessie Hunter Heron. The distinctive grave holds a high relief sculpture of his head and lies in the south-west section of the cemetery.

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