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Edward Hasell McCosh

Edward Hasell McCosh who works using traditional methods is well known for his beautiful paintings of domestic and exotic fowls, game birds, still life, fruit, flower and landscapes often combining these themes in the one painting.

The artist has had several highly acclaimed exhibitions of his work which is now held in many important private collections throughout the United Kingdom also in North America, Holland, and elsewhere.

The artist aspires to follow the Renaissance approach to painting by attaching an essential importance to the craft of fine art, in the choice of the best linen canvas and stretchers and quality pigments. The artist prepares his own paint and mediums, working so far as is possible the workshop traditions of the Old Masters.

When interviewed for an article in the British "Field" magazine the artist stated "The study of the way the 17th century painters worked is essential to an understanding of how to paint". He believes that the painting must be in itself a beautiful object. It is this traditional approach to painting he strives to emulate in the richness and depth of colour achieved in his subject matter whether it is the plumage on an ornamental fowl or the bloom on a fruit and always with features carefully observed and stated.

Attention to detail of subject matter following the workshop traditions of the Old Masters makes these interesting paintings such a rare commodity in today's world.

The subject matter are all the artist's passionate interest. Many of the characters in the paintings form part of the artist's large domestic fowl menagerie. The artist always studies directly from life.

These beautiful paintings look superb in so many settings . Many of the paintings are created using certain canvas sizes chosen by the artist so that it is possible for collectors of his work to make up a matching pair.

Edward Hasell McCosh

Edward Hasell McCosh

The Family Oil on Canvas Signed 20 x 28 £1,250

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