David Farquharson , ARA, ARSA, RSW, ROI (1840-1907)  

Scottish landscape painter. Born in Blairgowrie and lived there until he came to Edinburgh in  1872. Began exhibiting in 1868 at the R.S.A. Whilst often revisiting Scotland he established a studio at Sennan's Cove. His early pictures deal mostly with the border land between Perth and Forfar, and in the Braemar and Glen Shee areas.


Painted shipping on the rivers and estuaries of the Maas and Scheldt in addition to  Scottish and English scenes. His work shows a continuous development, the best pictures belonging to his later years. Equally at home with oil and watercolour although his output was far greater in the former. He studied Dutch art. 

4 Dundas Street New Town EH3 6HZ Edinburgh

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