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 Joseph Farquharson, RA, ROI (1846-1935)  

Born in Edinburgh. Painter in oil andwatercolour of landscape, garden scenes and occasional portraits. Started with painting at the age of twelve when gifted his first box of paints. Studied under Peter Graham. Entered Board of Manufacturers School in Edinburgh at age 16 and studied in Paris. Between 1885 and 1893 he undertook numerous trips to Egypt.


His place in British art is secure, no-one has painted the north-east of Scotland with greater integrity and understanding, nor with less pretence. It was his joy to portray the natural beauties around him and to let the paintings speak for themselves. Although pre-eminently a painter of snow and winter landscapes his ability to catch the warmth and light, the sun-filled sandy atmosphere and the dazzling bazaars of North Africa .His sunny autumn days in the Highlands are equally evocative. Exhibited over 200 works at RA.


 Nearly all the early works are inspired by his rural surroundings and he progressed to make snow scenes his trademark, which although portraying winter also caught the warmth and light of sun rises and dusk.




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