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 Frits Goosen, RSMA Contemporary (1943-) 

Frits Goosen was born in Hilversum, Holland in 1943. He is currently one of the leading impressionist painters.  Following school he did his military service as a signaller in the navy.

Frits's oeuvre consists not only of landscapes, harbours and city views but predominantly ships portraits on the coast of Holland. From the beginning of his career as an artist his passion for sailing-ships is evident in his works. He has specialized in charter sailing-ships and the so-called Brown Fleet, formerly cargo ships with brown sails, today often used as pleasure boats.

Besides his exhibitions in Holland F. J. Goosen regularly exhibits in Switzerland, Norway, England and the USA. Over the course of his painting career Frits Goosen has received several awards including being chosen  as a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists (UK) in 1990.

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