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 Thomas Frank Heaphy (1813-1873) 

Heaphy was a painter of portraits and historical genre subjects. The eldest son of Thomas Heaphy (1775-1835), Thomas Frank was born and died in London. He visited Italy with his father in 1831, where he developed enthusiasm for Italian religious art and portraiture. In 1861 he published eight articles in the Art Journal attempting to ascertain the origin of the likeness of Christ. Between 1859 and 1862 he exhibited a series of portraits of peasant women of various nationalities at the RA.


The Grey in the painting is called Swallow aged 19 years and the Hounds' names are Cormorant, Coaxer and Herald.

John Henry Earl of Clonmell

John Henry Earl of Clonmell

by Thomas Frank HEAPHY Oil on canvas 39 x 46 inches £7800 Signed, inscribed and dated 1854

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