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 George Houston, RSA, RSW, RI (1869-1947) 

Born in Ayrshire Houston painted in oil and watercolour. He is known for his landscapes particulary Argyll, Loch Awe and Loch Fyne. Visited Japan in 1911 and used a bright palette with yellows, blues and greens. 


Prolific painter in both oil and watercolour with a simple direct vision. His finest work has a unity - visual, technical and emotional - which, in the words of his obituary, 'places it among the finest landscapes produced in Scotland'. He enjoyed wide expanses of loch and moorland which he painted agianst a backcloth of  distant hills. Enjoyed a bright palette in which strong blues, greens and yellows were dominant, and was notably successful in his depiction of snow. He exhibited in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and the USA as well as RSA, RSW . 

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