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 Frederick Marriott (1860-1941) 

It happens in the history of art that a very worthy artist occasionally becomes emeshed in the shadows; Frederick Marriott (1860-1941) is such an artist. Marriott started painting at the age of 14 and exhibited at the 1878 Paris Exhibition. Until Marriot was picked up by Grant Waters in his Dictionay of British Artist 1900-1950 he was completely unknown. Currently he is quite well-known.


His main output was largely oils, watercolours & etchings. He was born at Stoke-on-Trent in 1860 and has strong associations with Australia for his family went out to Brisbane. 


This amazing piece of Edinburgh from Calton Hill depicts Calton Jail, on which location St. Andrews House stands nowadays. The Jail was the most wretched place to be incarcerated in Scotland during an era when the conditions within the country’s prisons were as woeful as one can imagine. It was demolished in 1930. Nevertheless, it looks very pretty and peaceful in this snowy cityscape!

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Frederick Marriot Oil on Canvas, 28"x30" signed £6800

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