Orlando Norie, (1832-1901) 

Orlando Norie (1832–1901), was a artist of military subjects, perhaps the most prolific painter of the British army in the 19th century along with Richard Simkin. He is best known for his accurate and finely detailed portrayal of British regimental constume, custom and history. It has been estimated that Norie alone painted well over 5,000 pictures.


Although his family were of Scottish descent, they had moved to the continent, and Orlando was born in Bruges, Belgium on 15 January 1832. 


His work was first recognised in the autumn of 1854 when his print of the Battle of the Alma was advertised. This was followed by prints of the Battle of Inkerman and the Battle of Balaclava. Norie was viewed as the natural successor to Henry Martens.


His grave is in the old cemetery of the town adjacent to the Commonwealth War cemetery. Today, many of his pictures can be seen in British regimental museums and clubs.

Orlando Norie

Orlando Norie

R.Artillery Watercolour signed 4x6" £280

Orlando Norie

Orlando Norie

R.H. Artillery Watercolour signed 4x6" £280

7th Dragoon Guards

7th Dragoon Guards

Orlando Norie Watercolour 10" x 9" Signed £1,200

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