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 Sebastian Pether, (1790 - 1844) 

Sebastian Pether was an English landscape painter that was known for his moonlight scenes. But also painted many landscapes. He was said to have a very good eye for perspective.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1812 - 1826, the British Institute and Suffolk Street and was the son of Abraham Pether 1756 – 1812.

In addition to moonlight scenes he also painted fires and other destructive effects of nature, e.g. “Destruction of a City by a Volcano”, RA 1826 and “A Caravan Passing the Desert Overtaken by a Sandstorm”, RA 1826. If his paintings are not signed, they are often confused with those of his son Henry. Sebastian’s colours are in general harder and more metallic, in the Dutch manner, whereas Henry’s are warmer and brown in tone.


Sebastian Pether

Sebastian Pether

(British 1790 - 1844) Inverary Castle Argyll Oil on canvas 22 x 32 inches £6800

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