John Rathbone (1745-1807)

Born in Cheshire, he practised in Manchester, London, and Preston as a landscape-painter in both oil and watercolour. The artists George Morland and Julius Caesar Ibbetson often collaborated with Rathbone, painting the figures in his landscapes.


The British Museum possesses three of his watercolour drawings, all of which are landscapes with figures, and there is a cleverly drawn landscape by him in grey faded tints at South Kensington. There is a landscape in oils in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, by Rathbone, and two hang in the Peel Park Art GallerySalford. Between 1785 and 1806 Rathbone exhibited forty-eight landscapes at the Royal Academy and two at the Society of Artists. He also exhibited three landscapes at the exhibition of the Society of Artists in Liverpool in August 1774.


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