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 Mary Ann Rogers, (Contemporary) 

Unusually, Mary Ann Rogers publishes her own work, overseeing every aspect both of the traditional offset lithographic fine art printing and the production of cards and gifts, which are all produced or finished in the North of England. "The quick and lively work of Mary Ann Rogers is a real treat... her animals are depicted with a spine-tingling and inspiring virtuosity... she achieves a sense of oriental delicacy of touch which defies description."

- Scotsman


‘For artist, Mary Ann Rogers, receiving the coveted award for ‘Best Selling Published Artist 2009’ is a huge accolade. To follow in the footsteps of former recipients of the award, Jack Vettriano, Beryl Cook and David Shepherd is one thing, but for Mary Ann Rogers, the only self-publishing artist, to have received this award without the full might of a large fine art publishing house behind her is a remarkable acheivement.’ 

Annabelle Ruston, editor, Art Business Today, author of fine art books.

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